Selection Procedure

After receiving demand from our abroad valuable employers the following steps are taken to provide them talented and experienced manpower from Pakistan who have the ability to fulfill their requirements.
The visa documents received from the employer are submitted to the protector of emigrants for necessary registration / permission.
Thereafter, the vacancies are advertised through leading newspapers, to attract large number of candidates against the demand received.
After evaluating the CV’s / applications, short listed candidates are called for interviews and trade tests.
The short listed candidates are then required to appear before the selection board. Thereafter the selected candidates are put to trade tests. The final rating is done After consideration of the individual’s overall performance.
The finally selected candidates are required to appear before the medical board comprising of highly competent specialists/doctors for conducting full medical checkup duly approved by the GCC / and the consulate of the employer’s country.
On completion of above formalities, Passport of the candidate along with all required documents are submitted for visa stamping to the Embassy / Consulate of the country of employment.


After the visa stamping, the papers are passed on the Protector of Emigrants for final registration of the candidates. This process is normally completed within 24 hours from the $me of submission of passports and documents to the authority concerned.
A full length briefing is conducted by us and labor Deportment / Protector of Emigrants prior to their final registration, so that they must well acquaint with the rules and regulations of the country of employment particularly the strict laws about drug abusing.
Finally, immediate arrangement is made for deployment of the emigrants to join their duties with the respective employees.
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